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Party Bowling is an arcade bowling game with multiple modes
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Party Bowling is an arcade bowling game. The objective of the game is, of course, to score points by rolling a bowling ball and hitting pins. In order to get to the next location, you must first complete all pin setups. The controls are a bit complicated. First, you must move you mouse to select where you want to place the ball. Then, you decide where to aim by clicking when the arrow is in the right direction. After that, you wait for the power bar to reach the desired power and then click to launch the ball. Direction and power meters move very fast, so you must be quick to click or you won't get you want. You can play alone or with up to 4 friends in party mode. If you play alone, you also have 6 modes to choose from (one championship mode, 2 challenge modes, 2 practice modes, and one exhibition mode in which you play against the computer), but most of them are locked in the demo version.

Unfortunately, there are many things I didn't like about this game. First, the controls are inaccurate and frustrating, since it is very difficult to click exactly on the desired power and direction. In fact, if you play against the computer, you will lose just after a couple of minutes. Graphics are also not very good, since they are extremely simple and plain. Sound effects are OK, but the music is very repetitive and annoying.

All in all, Party bowling has too many drawbacks to recommend it. If you decide to play it anyway, I'm sure you will soon get tired of the frustrating controls.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • You can play with up to 4 friends or against the computer
  • Fully customizable
  • Multiple modes


  • Frustrating controls
  • Plain graphics
  • Annoying music
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